Expert: the annexation of Crimea is a result of collusion between Putin and the West

annexation of crimea

Ukrainian military expert and blogger Olexiy Arestovich believes that the Russian annexation of Crimea was a result of collusion between the leadership of the Russian Federation and the West countries.

According to the expert, the West was initially willing to turn a blind eye to the annexation of Crimea; however, Russian President Vladimir Putin went ahead and started the war in the East of Ukraine that ultimately became the reason for the sanctions against Russia.

“Crimea is a conspiracy of the West and Putin. Putin had his own logic and the West had his own one. They decided to act behind Ukraine in this way: the West wanted Russians to negotiate with us and create a kind of a military zone first, and then a dual control of Crimea. Crimea would have de jure stayed in Ukraine, but under the dual subordination and de facto it would already be under Russia. But Putin began to act otherwise; he did not recognize the Government that came after Yanukovich, and the screenplay was changed. The West immediately imposed sanctions for Crimea, but Putin offended and decided to grab Donbas. So since then he has made so many stupid things with Donbas and Syria, that the question of whether to punish Putin, depriving him of Crimea, once again became topical. Although they intended to leave Crimea for Putin,” said Arestovich in an interview.

In this regard, Arestovich believes that “the Putin’s nonsense suggests a historical perspective to regain Crimea”.

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