Expert: Russia’s attempts to flood Crimea with as many weapons as possible are fatuous

missile system

Military expert Dmitry Tymchuk has shared his view on the reinforcement of Russia’s land and marine military grouping in the annexed Crimea.

Analyzing the information about Russia’s military buildup, Tymchuk identifies three factors. First of all, by shifting new units and ships, holding military exercises and manoeuvres in Crimea Russia once again flexes its muscles in this region.

The second cause of the reinforcement is confrontation with NATO in the Black Sea area. According to Tymchuck in this case Moscow’s actions look like increasingly demonstrative.

And finally, Tymchuk turns attention to the war in Syria, because Russians are easier to redeploy troops, equipment and supplies to the country by using the Crimean peninsula.

As for the military value of Crimea for military operations in the Black Sea area, Tymchuk believes that the characteristics of this theater of war and the power of modern weapon make a large grouping on the peninsula fatuous.

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