Expert: Russia is preparing to wage war in Crimea

Annexation of Crimea

Ukrainian military expert Lieutenant General Reserve Igor Romanenko believes that the Russian army is preparing for military actions under the guise of operability exercises in Crimea.

According to Romanenko, the current operations of Russian troops in Crimea are named after checking the combat readiness of the army to escape from an assessment of these actions by international observers. “It’s called a check of military readiness, because if it’s a check, rather than military maneuvers, it means, that they do not need to invite foreign observers. They are now increasing the number of troops in Crimea and getting them fully operational. Troops and equipment are gotten fully operational for war pursuance only,” said the expert.

As a reminder, a sudden checking of the combat readiness of the armed forces of the Southern Military District of the Russian Federation is continuing in Crimea.

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