Expert: Russia gradually replaces the population in Crimea


Diplomat and an expert of the Maidan of Foreign Affairs Charitable Fund Oleksandr Hara believes that the Russian authorities pursue the classic colonization policy, implementing a gradual replacement of population in Crimea.

“Now we can see the classic process of colonization in Crimea. Even though the Crimean Tatars are not the biggest community, they are the largest visible and consolidated minority in Crimea. So first they are beaten in order to intimidate. Second, the colonizers try to force them out, because the process of colonization is followed by the replacement of population. It happens and gets more observe: some 15 per cent of population has been already replaced in Sevastopol and in other big cities. Because it is not necessary with so much population to maintain a military base. And third, the colonizers do not want any disaffected population there,” said Hara.

Also he stressed that people with the Crimean roots were not practically allowed appointing to the key posts in Crimea. According to the expert, Russia has formed a colonial administration in Crimea, which is attempted to be legitimized through local elections and elections to the State Duma.

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