Expert: nobody had sway over Putin during the grab of Crimea

Vladimir Putin Vladimir Putin

As of today, none of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s current retinue is able to act as opponent to him or to come up with own ideas. This was said by Professor Vladislav Inozemtsev, reputed on the West as one of the most objective Russian economists, in an interview

“Nobody will oppose Putin now. Putin says what to do and people do. While Putin does not consider himself a specialist in economy, so there are at least ten people, whom he gives his ear to,” he said.

At the same time, Putin is not going to listen to anyone as for the foreign policy. “As for his foreign policy, Putin is not going to listen to anyone. People from a number of businessmen came to him during the “referendum” in Crimea and said: “Vova (short for Russia name Vladimir), what are you doing?” and he replied: “I am making history, and you are telling your money”. No one can influence Putin on the issue of Ukraine,” summed up the Russian economist.

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