Expert: All Russia’s energy projects on the Crimean peninsula are pursuing the military goals

The President of the Center for global studies “Strategy XXI” Mikhail Gonchar reported that all the projects, aimed at the energy independence of Crimea from Ukraine, had total power of 2225 Mw. Such power involves using energy for military purposes.

He said that the plan of electrical generation on the peninsula was developed till 2020. All the projects on the energy independence have total power of 2225 Mw. But at the moment the total power of four lines from Ukraine is 1250 Mw.

Gonchar underlines that such a power is necessary for the operation of military installations that require additional energy.

The expert also believes that it is impossible to solve the problem of the energy independence of Crimea in the short term at least because the South Russia, where they plan to take energy from, is an energy dependent region itself.

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