Ex-Vice Prime Minister of Crimea was arrested for a 27 million bribe

The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation reports on the arrest of the former Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Crimea on suspicion of receiving grand bribes.

According to Russian media, it is about Oleg Kazurin, who previously supervised the housing and utility infrastructure, transport and construction of the annexed Crimea.

According to the investigation, from August to December 2016 the suspect received through an intermediary a part of bribes for a promise to help one of the construction firms to become the sole contractor when entering into a contract to construct housing in Crimea. Vice Premier also promised this company his patronage during the discharge of this contract. The Deputy Chairman of Crimea’s Government asked for his service 27 million rubles (about $465 thousand).

A criminal case was previously filed on the intermediary, who had intended to pass Kazurin the bribe.

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