Ex-President Yushchenko states that he would never recede from positions in Crimea

Viktor Yushchenko Viktor Yushchenko

Ex-President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko (2005-2010) states that he would prevent the Russian annexation of Crimea, if he was at the helm of the State in 2014.

“I would not give up (in Crimea, – ed.), that’s for sure,” he said in an interview with “Apostrophe”, replying to a relevant question.

At the same time, Yuschenko considers that Crimea could be kept not by force of arms, but by political means. “This was not a problem of arms and an armed conflict. It was a problem of political solution. Therefore, when comparing the size of the army, the number of “Grads” (a kind of military hardware, – ed.) and tanks, including those in Crimea, then, I think, it has nothing to do with the settlement of the then situation on the peninsula. If there was political will, to the best of my belief, there would not be the blockade of the Crimean Parliament. We would have to defend by force our institutions, especially the Parliament and not allow Putin’s thugs getting handsy. Moreover as it is now known from intelligence, Putin was actually the most afraid of an organized resistance to those three hundred “green men” and groups of their support,” he said.

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