Ex-President of France refused to answer the question “whose is Crimea?” in Russia

Nicolas Sarkozy Nicolas Sarkozy

The former President of France Nicolas Sarkozy, delivering a speech during the Petersburg International Economic Forum in Russia, glossed over the answer to the question whether Crimea is part of Russian or Ukrainian territory.

“Was Crimea mentioned in Minsk-2 (the Minsk accords – the agreement regulating the Ukrainian-Russian conflict — ed.)? No. Here is my answer. There is no a word about Crimea in Minsk-2. Why do you want me to tell you?” he said.

Also Sarkozy noted: “If we want to get out of the crisis, we have to look forward. If we want to stay in the crisis, let’s look backward”.

Publically Sarkozy calls the European Union to lift the anti-Russian sanctions.

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