Ex-Ambassador of the United States does not believe that Ukraine is able to regain Crimea in the next 10 years

Crimea is Ukraine

Ukraine will not regain Crimea in the near future. This opinion was expressed by former United States Ambassador to Ukraine John Herbst at a news briefing. “Ukraine is unlikely to return Crimea in the near future — one, two or even ten years,” he said.

According to Herbst, the Kremlin is conducting a low intensity war against Ukraine and its main goal is to destabilize the Ukrainian Government. “It is hard to find a Western leader who would openly say that Russia is waging war against Ukraine. This proves how little courageous politicians are there. I’m not used to criticize the President, but Obama is enough naive about the actions of Russia, calling the crisis in Ukraine regional,” said the Ambassador.

Herbst noted that the United States would continue supporting Ukraine, though not so fast as one would like. He believes that sanctions against Russia have a negative impact on its economy. “The IMF believes that Russia has lost from 1 to 1.5% of its GDP due to the sanctions. But these effects have not been enough to force Putin to leave Ukraine alone,” he added.

Herbst predicted that Hillary Clinton would continue the sanction policy, if she won the presidential elections.

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