Ex-Adviser to Putin: Trump may lift the sanctions against Russia

Donald Trump Donald Trump

Republican Donald Trump, who won the presidential elections in the United States, could prove to be a supporter of lifting the sanctions against Russia. This opinion was expressed by ex-Advisor of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Russian economist Andrei Illarionov.

“It is difficult to predict Trump’s actions as President of the United States. We don’t know how he keeps his promises. He has never worked in the public sector, so it is virtually impossible to predict him. However, the most conservative assumptions can be made. I do not think that Trump’s Administration will recognize Crimea Russian,” said the economist.

However, he believes that Trump will affect his European partners on the issue of the anti-Russian sanctions. “On the other hand, I do not exclude that Trump will have a significant impact on his European allies. And it is absolutely possible that he will decide to ease the sanctions against Russia and will subsequently lift them,” said Illarionov.

He also believes that the Republican will reduce Washington’s participation in addressing international issues.

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