Euromaydan participant, judged in Crimea, was brutally tortured after detention


A Euromaydan participant Andriy Kolomiets, judged in Crimea, was brutally tortured by Russian law enforcers to plead guilty after his detention in Russia in May 2015.

As reported by the Crimean human rights group, this became known from the documents presented to the court by Kolomiets’ lawyer.

The lawyer’s petition to the judge states that the law enforcement officials put on Kolomiets’ head a package, attached to his fingers with damp cloth wire using large clips and passed electric current.

Kolomiets memorized the enforcers and can identify them.

“By torturing they forced me to admit to my participating in extremist Ukrainian organizations in Kiev in 2014 and my assault to murder of the “Berkut” battalion police officers,” said Kolomiets.

Also he told the Court that he had applied to all the previous lawyers and protested innocence, illegal and criminal acts by the law enforcement officials, but had been explained about the incompetence of such a behavior and plead guilty.

“I was forced to due to the lack of the legal assistance by the previous lawyers,” he added.

As a reminder, Kolomiets is accused of assault to murder of two former police officers of the “Berkut” battalion.

Andriy Kolomiets is a citizen of Ukraine, a resident of Kiev oblast, he was born in 1993.

He was arrested in breach of Russia’s legislation in Kabardino-Balkaria (Russian Federation) on May 15, 2015 and then was brought to Crimea, and has been in the remand prison of Simferopol since August 13, 2015.

Kolomiyets previously reported that he had been tortured in the North Caucasus after his detention. According to him, it was done to make him give evidence particularly against another participant of EuroMaydan Alexander Kostenko.

According to the version of Russian investigation, Kolomiets is a member of the extremist organization “Ukrainian Insurgent Army” (UPA) and he attempted on the life of two officers of the Crimean department of the Special Enforcement Unit “Berkut” by pelting them with firebombs.

The Ukrainian Insurgent Army is not registered in Ukraine.

Earlier another EuroMaydan activist Alexander Kostenko was charged with 3 years and 6 months of imprisonment in Crimea.

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