“News from Crimea” was founded by independent Crimean journalists in April of 2012. From the very beginning it operated without any political influences or grant support. By the end of the first year the website became one of the leaders in the regional news.

Russian annexation of Crimea at the beginning of 2014 prevented further development of the news site. Editorial staff had to move to the continental Ukraine as a result of the annexation because it became impossible to continue to work freely under the occupation. Occupation authorities stifled the freedom of speech and eliminated all the independent mass-media. Moreover, the founder of the site was personally threatened by Russian security forces.

Due to the occupation “News from Crimea” lost all of its advertisers and currently exists only thanks to the moderate income from Google Ads and donations of our readers.

The authors of the project, residing in Ukraine, continue their work in order to bring objective and independent news about the situation in Crimea. We do that in order to provide a different view on the situation than the one painted by Russian propaganda.

With this in mind in February of 2016 we launched English version of the website “News from Crimea”. Our goal is to provide objective and unbiased information about events on the peninsula to the international readers.

You can provide some much needed assistance for the translators and editors of the English edition. We would appreciate any help, be it ongoing support or one time contribution.