Did the “Premier” of Crimea commit treachery in fear of losing property?

Sergey Aksenov Sergey Aksenov

All the immovables of the “head” of Crimea Sergey Aksenov are under arrest and prohibition on alienation since October 2013.

This is evidenced by the extract from the State Register of the Real Estate Property Rights, received by the Crimean journalist Sergey Mokrushin.

“This extract is from the State Register of Property Rights, I bought it. I purchased this document officially and any citizen of Ukraine can do this, because the Registry is an open source of information”, said Mokrushin

The document stated that all the immovable property of “the debtor” was under prohibition that meant the existence of Aksenov’s loan obligations to banks.

“In all appearance he had loans, but the real reason is still to be found out. And this will be a big investigative project I have just started,” added the journalist.

Aksenov gives no comments to the subject.

Along with Aksenov, the Crimean Parliament Speaker Vladimir Konstantinov has a finger in a similar pie. The amount of the bank debts of the “Consol Ltd” company, associated with the Speaker, and its affiliated structures was more than 1 bn UAH at the moment of occupation and it was one the possible reasons of Konstantinov’s treason.

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