Crushed stones for the Crimean bridge construction may be carried from Ukraine

Kerch bridge

Former Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine Davit Sakvarelidze believes that the Ukrainian companies engaged in gravel extraction deliver it to Russia for the Kerch Bridge construction.

“The open cuts of the Zhitomir and the Korosten oblasts definitely deliver as well as ones from the Zaporozhye region. Those open cuts formally ship the product to Russia, they have accreditation in there,” wrote Sakvarelidze on his Facebook.

According to him, the Zaporozhnerudprom Company that has an open cut on the outskirts of Zaporozhye supplies Russia with crushed stones.

Zaporozhnerudprom enters into the Smart Holding Industrial Investment Group, which ultimate beneficiary is Deputy Vadim Novinskiy from the Oppositional Coalition.

According to Sakvarelidze, the Novopoltavsky open cut is another one crushed stone supplier from the Zaporozhye region to satisfy the gravel demand of the Kerch Bridge construction.

On September 1, 2016 the Ministry of Finance of the United States reportedly expanded the sanctions against the individuals and the entities involved in the occupation of Ukrainian territories and acting in the annexed territory of Crimea. About 100 Russian companies, including the Kerch Bridge contractors, are now under the sectoral sanctions.


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