Crimeans are bowled over by “exercises” of Russian enforcers


The so-called “anti-terrorism exercises” of Russian law-enforcers that shocked local residents took place in the village of Krasnogvardeyskoye in Crimea.

A Crimean blogger, known by the nickname Crimean Banderovets (Banderovite), told about what had happened that day.

“Armed orks, jumping from bushes, were grabbing passers-by right on the street and facing them directly against the cold road, in dust and wind. A cyclist was passing by. He was stopped, put on the concrete road next to the other 15 shocked people. Some passers-by, with wrung and sometimes cuffed hands, were ordered to stand “facing the hood” of an official car. Nobody was explained nothing. Then a paddy wagon arrived. All the people were forced into the wagon as prisoners and taken to a fire department. There they were put against the wall, their hands on the wall and their legs straddled. All the money, telephones and documents were confiscated. Frightened relatives of some detainees were trying to get them on the phone but without any effect. Many people can’t get over until now, they are stressed and shocked,” told the blogger.

Crimean activist Zaire Smedlyaev corroborates this information too. “I was called by several scared residents of Krasnogvardeyskoye. It turns out that the anti-terrorist exercises are carrying out there! People are not allowed to enter their homes and workplaces,” he wrote earlier in Facebook.

As a reminder, military exercises have become standard practice in Crimea after the annexation of the peninsula by Russia. Also residents of Kerch become the unwitting victims of such “anti-terrorism exercises” held there in April this year. Then security forces also detained indiscriminately those townspeople who happen by chance to be in the zone of “exercising”.

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