Crimeans are asked to save electricity

According to the Krymenergo (the Crimean power company) the regional power-transmission system experiences an electrical shortage, especially during the spike load in mornings and evenings.

The press-service of the company reports about a 1300 Mw in the electricity consumption of Crimea in mornings and in evenings, causing the need to use reserve generators.

“There is a significant increase in the electricity consumption in Crimea due to the cold weather. The consumption exceeds 1300 Mw during the morning and the afternoon peaks, creating a deficit in the system. The reserve power sources (diesel generators) are usually used by the Krymenergo daily during the peak loads to prevent emergency blackouts,” said a statement of the Krymenergo.

The company called on Crimeans to save electricity and to reduce the consumption whenever it’s possible. “Electricity is precious for Crimea and everybody must save it,” called the Krymenergo.

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