Crimean Winery, which is under sanctions, began to deliver wines in China

Putin in "Massandra" Putin in "Massandra"

Today the press-service of “Massandra” states that the wine-making enterprise starts to export its products to China for the first time since the Russian annexation of Crimea.

“The first batch of Russian “Massandra” has been sent to China,” said the statement.

It is noted that 17.6 thousand bottles would be delivered to China by sea, and they would be evaluable to consumers in about a month.

Also “Massandra” reported about the second order from the Chinese side at the moment, when the first on was on the shipment.

Earlier it was reported that for the first time “Massandra” had exported 20 tons of its wine to Belarus at the end of June this year.

As a reminder, “Massandra” is under sanctions along with other Crimean enterprises. In particular, the enterprise was included in the US expanded sanctions list in December last year.

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