Crimean volunteer tells about his detention and torture in SBU

Stanislav Krasnov Stanislav Krasnov

Head of the “Civil Corps Azov-Crimea” public organization, the former Commander of the volunteer battalion “Crimea” Stanislav Krasnov tells the details of his detention by the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU).

Krasnov describes the detention details in his complaint to the lawyer, published by the People’s Deputy Igor Mosijchuk.

So, according to Krasnov, approximately at 1 a.m. on February 28 he was near an automobile refueling in Kyiv region. “I saw armed people running to me. I stopped and put my hands up. The people ran up, started hitting me in the head with rifle butts and kicked all over my body, although I have not resisted at all. Also they kicked my girlfriend Oksana Shelest, who was with me. Then, about after a minute, they put sticky tape over my head so I could see nothing, handcuffed me and dragged into the woods, about 300 metres far from the refueling. There they had kept on beating, brutalizing and torturing me for about seven hours. I was lying in the freezing mud, from time to time losing my consciousness. They asked me no questions and brought no charges against me, but only said that I would be killed, that there were only problems due to our Maidan and all the volunteers, particularly from the “OUN” battalion, were thieves and looters, they did not fight and had to be exterminated,” said Krasnov in his complaint.

Then he was brought to an SBU office in Kyiv, where they had kept on beating him until the arrival of the lawyer. “They put me “on stretch” and beat when I fell. Also they put me on my knees and pressed my head against the floor, then forced me to count quickly. I had been beaten again, if I stopped counting.” added Krasnov.

In his opinion, everything happened to him was a result of the repression against the volunteers and Maidan activists, as well as the “direct order on his extermination from Russia”, where they launched four criminal charges against the volunteer.

As previously reported SBU detained the head of the “Civil Corps Azov-Crimea” Stanislav Krasnov and his girlfriend Oksana Shelest.

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