Crimean vehicles with Ukrainian license plates are not allowed back to Crimea

Ukrainian license plates

Crimean drivers on cars with Ukrainian plates left to mainland Ukraine are not allowed to come back to Crimea.

Crimean motorists post this information on social networks.

Drivers, which cross the administrative border at the “Chongar” check-point in April, write about queues of the Crimean cars with Ukrainian plates.

The drivers argue that they were warned to be back to the peninsula till April 1 otherwise they will not be allowed to enter. However, a few of them rushed and ultimately tens of inhabitants of the peninsula on the cars with Ukrainian registration stuck at the border.

“We have just tried to enter but been said that the cars with Ukrainian plates are not allowed since April 2,” writes one of the car owners on the Sevastopol Forum.

“Today we have managed to sale two cars in mainland Ukraine and turned back. There are a lot of vehicles with Crimean license on the neutral territory and at the border but they are not allowed by the Russians,” wrote another one forumer.

According to the Ukrainian legislation, the Crimean drivers which passed re-registration and received Russian license plates will not be able to cross the administrative border because the Ukrainian authorities consider “Russian” Crimea documents and registration non-valid. Moreover, Ukrainian plates are considered foreign by Russians in Crimea too.


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