Crimean thermal power stations start using heating oil due to gas shortage

The KrymTETS Company has partially put the Simferopol and the Kamysh-Burunskaya combined heat and power plants (CHPPs) to use the reserve heating oil fuel.

The press-service of the company explains this step by an “increased consumption of natural gas due to the great drop in the environmental temperature” in Crimea.

“The natural gas consumption by the Simferopol and the Kamysh-Burunskaya CHPPs will be reduced to 50% and the lack of fuel will be replenished by heating oil,” said the press service.

It is still unknown how long the CHPPs will work using the reserve fuel.

Natural gas is the main fuel of Crimean CHPPs.

KrymTETS specializes in generation of electrical and heat energy. The company unites the following Crimean combined heat and power plants: the Simferopol CHPP, the Kamysh-Burunskaya CHPP (Kerch) and the Saki Heat Networks.

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