Crimean «Themis» is blindfolded and deaf


“Themis” of Sevastopol refuses to initiate criminal case on beating of local resident Igor Movenko for Ukrainian symbols.

It is reported by the Crimean Human Rights Group with reference to Movenko.

“As we found out, the Investigation Committee has not taken legal proceedings on the act of violence against me. A claim is in the making to the Prosecutor’s Office,” said the Crimean.

As a reminder, Movenko was brutally beaten for symbols of Ukrainian Azov Regiment on the frame of his bicycle in Sevastopol on September 7.

The Crimean was hospitalized. Doctors diagnosed Movenko an open traumatic brain injury, a cerebral commotion, a basal skull fracture, a broken jaw, a closed fracture of nasal bones and other injuries. Now the Crimean needs surgery.

According to the victim’s wife Valentina Movenko, the attacker of her husband introduced himself a police officer.

The beaten Movenko was mulcted 2000 rubles during the court hearing held in Sevastopol on September 22.

Movenko decided to appeal against the Court’s decision on the fine.

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