Crimean separatists believe that Trump won because he supports Russia

Donald Trump Donald Trump

According to Crimean “Premier” Sergei Aksenov, Republican Donald Trump’s victory for the United States presidential election indicates that the American society has a serious request for improvement of relations with Russia.

“Trump sized up the relations between the United States and Russia more quietly and pragmatically during the election race. By contrast, Hillary Clinton’s campaign was schizophrenically anti-Russian,” said Aksenov.

Also the Premier-separatist judged the electoral process in the United States as undemocratic in whole. “The peculiarities of the national democracy in the United States were demonstrated to the international community during the elections. These were secrecy, denial of access of foreign observers, including Russian diplomats, numerous tricks and even shooting at a voting station. I have no doubt that the State Department would announce such elections illegitimate if something like this happened in any other country. Of course, if the winner candidate was undesirable for the United States authorities,” he wrote.

As reported, Republican candidate and billionaire Donald Trump became the winner of the presidential election in the United States.

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