“Crimean saboteur” told about the FSB’s brutal tortures

Evgeny Panov Evgeny Panov

Ukrainian citizen Evgeny Panov, arrested in the case of so-called “Crimean saboteurs”, has sent a statement to the Investigative Committee of Russia complaining of tortures applied to him.

This was told by Panov’s lawyer Dmitry Dinze.

In particular the complaint says that moving in his car from the Ukrainian Government-controlled territory to Crimea Panov was detained by the FSB in the morning of August 7.

According to Panov, he was asked to get out of his car for inspection when he crossed the border of Crimea. When he got out, he was hit on the head by something heavy. “I fell and felt that I was in a pool of my own blood,” writes Panov in the complaint. Then a tight bag was put on his head and he was laid on the floor of a vehicle and taken to some placement where he was kept until the evening.

Panov states that he was tortured all this time: “They were beating my head, back, legs, arms and kidneys with an iron pipe, tightening handcuffs till numb in my hands, hanging by the handcuffs”.

“In addition, during the torture my penis was collared and tightened until it became blue in colour and I was instantly asked: “What were you going to blow up?” I could not answer this question, because I had no intention to, and I did not understand why they were asking me the question,” he said. After a while Panov with a sack over his head was brought to the street and “reported that he would be shot.” “I believed them, because I heard sounds of reloading weapons,” he said. When the sack was taken off from his head for a moment, Panov was able to see two of his torturers: they were 35 years old in sight and Panov is ready to spot them.

On the evening of August 7, Panov with a sack over his head again was supposedly taken in Simferopol. There he was tortured again in some placement: they fixed electrodes of an electric shocker on the knees of his right and left legs as well as on the waist and turned the power supply on. As a result Panov lost consciousness several times. The detainee was brought to consciousness with water.

Panov believes that the tortures continued until August 9.

Only on August 11 Panov was taken to the Kiev District Court of Simferopol, where he was taken into custody for two months on the charge of subversion.

Panov said the tortures had stopped with his transfer to the Lefortovo remand prison in Moscow. But enforcers persuaded him to refuse from visits of the Ukrainian Consul, to waive counsels Olga Dinze and Dmitry Dinze as well as advised not to deny the previous under torture confessions.

During a closed session on December 5 the Lefortovo Court of Moscow extended the term of Panov’s arrest to March 7, 2017.

As it was reported, the Federal Security Service (FSB) of Russia said about the prevention of terrorist acts in Crimea, allegedly prepared by the Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine in August.

The FSB also said about the supposedly “liquidation of an intelligence network of the Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine” and the detention of intelligence officer Evgeny Panov on the territory of Crimea.

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