“Crimean saboteur” is cut off medical care in prison


One of the suspects of the so-called “case of Ukrainian saboteurs”, Crimean Volodymyr Dudka said that he and the other arrested persons did not receive the necessary medical assistance in the Simferopol detention facility.

The Crimean Human Rights Group states that Dudka complained the Court of cold and constant draughts in the cell. He received the medicines, passed by his relatives, with a month delay.

According to the information of the Human Rights Defenders, Dudka’s multiple chronic diseases aggravated after his arrest.

“It became known that Volodymyr Dudka needed medical examination back in December last year. He tries to treat himself, but it is unsuccessful without professional help. Volodymyr Dudka’s defender requested the medical unit of the detention facility on the state of his client’s health, but no reply has been received yet,” told the Human Rights Group.

As a reminder, Russia’s FSB announced the detention of a “subversive and terrorist group” of the Defense Intelligence of Ukraine in Sevastopol on November 10, 2016. Members of the group allegedly planned acts of sabotage on the objects of military and civil infrastructure of Crimea.

Later Russian media named the three detainees; they were inhabitants of Sevastopol Dmytro Shtyblikov, Oleksiy Bessarabov and Volodymyr Dudka.

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