Crimean real estate is actively sold by Ukrainians and bought by Russian North areas residents

The Crimean real estate agency “Multidom” Director Natalya Massalskaya argues that the Crimean property is popular with residents from the Northern and Far East regions of Russia, who seek to purchase beachfront homes.

“People from the North, Far North and Far East purchase property in Sevastopol. They ask for homes near the sea and want a studio, for example, to cost 2 to 4 million rubles, 1-bedroom — 3 to 6 million rubles. They want to buy houses near the sea for 2-3 million rubles,” said the realtor.

According to her, Ukrainians are now actively getting rid of the real estate in Crimea. “It’s true. A lot of Ukrainians — the Crimean real estate owners sale it now,” she said, noting that now Ukrainians are taxed as non-residents in Crimea.

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