Crimean “Premiere” does not care about Trump’s recognition

Sergey Aksenov Sergey Aksenov

The so-called Crimean “Premier” Sergey Aksenov said that residents of Crimea did not need the West leaders’ recognition.

In this way he commented on the speech of the Republican candidate at the presidential elections in the United States Donald Trump to consider the recognition of Crimea part of Russia and to lift the sanctions.

“We have made our choice once and for all. If a part of the political establishment of the United States, represented by Trump, is ready to recognize the reality, we will welcome this,” reported Aksenov on his Facebook.

“So far Donald Trump is just a candidate for President, and his speech is part of his pre-election rhetoric. We don’t know how he will behave if he wins the election. On the other hand, Trump says only what his electorate wants to hear. This means that there is a request for improvement of relations with Russia in the American society,” added Aksyonov.

The day before Trump said that he was ready to consider the recognition of Crimea part of Russia and the issue of lifting sanctions in case of his election as President.

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