Crimean Premier-separatist intends to recognize Putin the Tzar

The billboard with a picture of Putin in Crimea

The so-called “head” of Crimea Sergey Aksenov believes that Russia needs such a form of government as a monarchy.

He said it the other day on one of the Crimean TV channels.

“We do not need such a democracy cultivated by Western media… We have our own traditional Orthodox and spiritual values. In my opinion, nowadays Russia needs a monarchy,” said Aksenov.

According to him, democracy is “unnecessary luxury in today’s environment, where we stand face to face with an external enemy.” The “head” of Crimea added that he meant “all-permissiveness in common understanding but not democracy within the meaning of normal people.”

In addition, Aksenov believes that the President of Russia needs more authority.

“Why do I say that I am a soldier of the President? Because in my opinion, we need a single authority as long as there is an external enemy. Nowadays, the President should have more rights up to, I’m sorry, a dictatorship,” said Aksenov.

He also advocates Putin’s lifelong reign in Russia. “We want him (Putin — ed.) to be our President for the rest of his life. I just don’t see another nominee. I think that he must be our President for life. There are no other nominees and alternatives,” said Aksenov.

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