Crimean political prisoner: “We should not be got out at any price”

Oleg Sentsov Oleg Sentsov

Filmmaker Oleg Sentsov who has been imprisoned on a trumped-up charge for the last third year in Russia, believes that Ukraine should not rescue the political prisoners “at any price”.

Sentsov states this in his letter from prison, published by his sister Natalie Kaplan.

“We don’t need to be got out at any price – this will not hasten the victory. Use us as a weapon against the enemy. Know that we are not your Achilles’ heel. If we are destined to become the nails in the coffin of the tyrant, then I would be one of the nails. Just know that this nail dies hard,” wrote the Crimean.

“There are a lot of us in Russian captivity and even more in Donbas. Someone has been already released, the rest are waiting and hoping. Each has its own history and conditions. Someone uses prisoners to self-promote, someone really works to get them out. It’s not my way to become more famous prisoner and be exchanged faster than others. I don’t want to hog the covers. I want to be just a name in the General list. I propose to be the latter one rescued, but it would be a good choice,” said Sentsov.

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