Crimean plants face gas hunger

The Crimean soda plant in Krasnoperekopsk (Crimea) experiences difficulties due to the gas shortage.

This was announced by Director General of the company Vladislav Shmelkov.

“We have crossed over to 25% of fuel oil, but the oil is over and the cars have not arrived yet,” said Shmelkov.

In his turn, Speaker of the Crimean Parliament Vladimir Konstantinov said that the Bakhchisarai cement plant had faced the energy shortages too.

“The Bakhchisarai cement plant goes near to being stopped. A gas pressure drop has occurred in the pipelines due to the cold weather and the coal, bought by the plant, cannot be delivered from Russia, so they are constrained to cut back the production of cement,” he said.

According to the Speaker, the problem of the cargo delivery by rail is that the Kerch ferry does not cope with the cargo carriage volume.

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