Crimean “Minister” dreams of shooting disaffected


“Minister” of Housing and Communal Services of Crimea Sergey Karpov negatively addressed a townspeople petition demanding to stop the costly reconstruction of the central streets of Simferopol.

He posted the petition on Facebook and left a comment with two questions: “How to change the way of thinking of those people, who create such “petitions”?” and “When will the power begin to shoot for sabotage?”

Later, the post was deleted, but many users have managed to printscreen it.

“Karpov, you can already shoot due to now your party has a constitutional majority in the Parliament. I will explain. First, restore the death penalty. Any Minister can doom anybody to death even without any Court’s decision. Second, be sure to create your own Internet, so nobody will be able to write anything that is not fit into the Government’s plans. Third, start shooting dissidents on the streets and squares,” advised Crimean publicman Alexander Talipov, in response to the “Minister’s” proposal about executions.

Karpov was appointed Minister in July and previously held the post of the Director General of the General Directorate of Housing and Communal Services (Moscow).

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