Crimean court charged a Maidan participant with 10 years sentence


Ukrainian activist Andriy Kolomiets was charged with 10 years of strict regime imprisonment in Crimea.

This was reported by the Crimean human rights group referencing to Kolomiets’ lawyer Mikhail Kushpel.

“The court pressed all charges of the RF procurator against Kolomiets, and sentenced him six years of imprisonment for an allegedly attack on the Berkut in Kiev during the Maidan events and four more years for an allegedly narcotics possession,” noted the human rights activists.

As noted, there were no the defendant witnesses statements in the accusatory sentence. “The sentence does not contain the statements of witnesses from the defendant part. Furthermore, there are no arguments to deny the lawyer’s request, including the tortures examination,” said the human rights activists.

According to them, the court also refused the lawyer’s petition to inform the consulate of Ukraine about the case.

“There was a mass denied petitions, which could influence the decision”, believes the human rights group.

Kolomiets’ defenders are intended to appeal.

As a reminder, Andriy Kolomiets, a resident of Kiev region, 1993 year of birth, is accused in assault to murder of two former Berkut officers during the events on the Maidan in Kiev.

He was detained in Kabardino-Balkariya, Russia, and then transported to Crimea.

Earlier the lawyer paid the court’s attention to the tortures against Kolomiets after his detention, and the facts testifying the falsification of evidence on this matter.

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