Crimean blogger was detained for Ukrainian license plates on his car

Ukrainian license plates

In Crimea Traffic Police officers detained a Yalta resident for Ukrainian license plates on his car.

The policemen drew up three protocols and took the man to court.

According to the Crimean human rights group information, Yalta judge Vladimir Romanenko found him guilty and fined on the three protocols.

“A fine of 5 thousand rubles is for the Ukrainian license plates not changed for the Russian ones, the second fine of 800 rubles — for the lack of new Crimean insurance and the third penalty of 1 thousand rubles — for disobedience to the police,” informed the Crimean human rights group.

According to the group, the man should be arrested for 15 days, but the Court took into consideration his two years old child, and the arrest was replaced by the fine. But the judge said that if he will stopped again with the Ukrainian license plates, the punishment would not be a fine but an administrative arrest.

According to the News from Crimea website, the detainee is a video blogger from Yalta, known under the nickname Aleksei Vladimirovich.

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