Crimean authorities refuse to investigate abductions of Ukrainians


The investigating authorities of Crimea will not initiate criminal proceedings on acts of enforced disappearance of five Ukrainians. The preliminary investigation was suspended on other six facts of enforced disappearances.

This is stated in the Crimean “prosecutors’” answer to a request of the KrymSOS public organization.

Thus, criminal proceedings have not been yet initiated on the facts of the enforced disappearance of Valery Vashhuk, Ivan Bondarets, Vasily Chernysh, Fedor Kostenko and Marcel Alyautdinov.

As a reminder, Marcel Alyautdinov disappeared on February 11, 2016. He was last seen in Simferopol, and then lost.

Fedor Kostenko is Euromaidan participant Olexander Kostenko’s father, sentenced to three years of imprisonment in Crimea. He supposedly disappeared on March 3, 2015. After his son’s arrest Fedor Kostenko travelled to Kiev for a press conference to announce the torture applied to Olexander in jail. After reports about searches in his house, he hastily went back to Crimea and disappeared when entering the peninsula.

Resident of Sevastopol and activist of Automaidan Vasily Chernysh disappeared on the eve of the so-called referendum on March 16, 2014.

Euromaidan participants Valery Vashhuk and Ivan Bondarets visited Crimea in March 2014. The last time they were available immediately after their arrival to Simferopol on March 7 and said that they had been detained by police.

The preliminary investigation has been suspended on the facts of the enforced disappearance of Mukhtar Arislanov, Seyran Zinedinov, Timur Shaymardanov, Eskender Apselyamov, Islyam Dzhepparov and Dzhevdet Islyamov.

As a reminder, Mukhtar Arislanov disappeared on August 27, 2015. He left his house for shopping in Simferopol and did not come back. Witnesses saw Arislanov being pushed by two men in uniform of police officers in a silver vehicle.

Timur Shaymardanov disappeared on May 26, 2014 in Simferopol: he left his house and did not come back. His friend Seyran Zinedinov started searching for him. He met Shaymardanov’s wife on 30 may and suggested that her husband was kidnapped by the “self-defense” of Crimea. After this meeting Zinedinov did not come back home too. A video made by a surveillance camera on a gas station in Crimea shows a car stopped near the activist who was then forcedly got into the car.

Eskender Apselyamov disappeared in Simferopol in October 2014 on his way from home to work. According to Apselyamov’s relatives, police paid a visit to his home after his disappearance.

Islyam Dzhepparov and his cousin Dzhevdet Islyamov were kidnapped in September 2014. They were forcedly got into a car and taken to an undisclosed location by unknown persons.

15 people have been totally abducted for three years of the annexation of Crimea.


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