Crimean authorities have declared Ukraine “terrorist” country due to the death of terrorist Motorola


The so-called “State Council” of Crimea believes that Ukraine “carries a terrorist threat to its neighbors and own people.” This is said in a statement of “the State Council”, adopted at its today’s meeting.

“Another one terrorist attack took place in Donetsk on October 16. As a result two people — one of the leaders of militia Arseniy Pavlov and his comrade Teimuraz Gogiashvili — were killed due to the blasting in an elevator of a residential apartment building. During last three years civilians are daily killed in Donbass. This is not the first terrorist attack with threads to Kiev,” said the statement.

Crimean deputies declared that “the civilian Crimean population was also repeatedly subjected to the terrorist attacks from Ukraine”. Among them, they listed the water disabling by the North-Crimean Canal and the blackouts.

Crimean deputies demanded the Ukrainian authorities “comprehensive and objective investigation of all the cases of terrorist acts carried out from the territory of Ukraine against the Republic of Crimea and the Republics of Donbass, as well as to obligatory identify and punish perpetrators”.

As a reminder, on October 16 Russian terrorist Arseniy Pavlov, known as Motorola, was killed in Donetsk occupied by Russian terrorists. An improvised explosive device detonated in an elevator, where Motorola and his bodyguard were going down.

Motorola was one of the members of the Russian raiding guerrilla group under Igor Girkin’s command who started the war in Donbass by capturing the city of Slavyansk in April 2014.


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  1. They are indeed very well placed to define what is a terrorist 😀

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