Crimean authorities continue to hope for Trump

Donald Trump Donald Trump

Deputy Prime Minister of the occupation government of Crimea Georgi Muradov is sure that elected United States President Donald Trump will not back away from his campaign words in regard to Crimea.

“Trump is a logical and last-ditcher; he will not really pull a 180 on his position. He can be guided, led to some things required by the establishment, but he will not change his tack,” said Muradov.

He stressed that he knew Trump’s environment for a long time. “We worked with him to build the Trump Tower in Moscow, when I was working in the Moscow Government, but, unfortunately, we had no time,” said the official.

At that, Muradov said that Trump’s opportunities should not be overestimated to quickly turn the tide of the West’s attitude to Crimea.

As a reminder, Republican candidate and billionaire Donald Trump became the winner of the presidential election in the United States.

During the election campaign, Trump did not exclude that the annexed Crimea would be recognized Russian territory.


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