Crimean activist is forbidden to complain about his health in a Russian jail

Olexander Kostenko Olexander Kostenko

A Euromaidan participant from Crimea Olexander Kostenko who is serving his sentence in Penal Colony 5 in the Kirov oblast, Russia, is forced to refuse access to his health information upon request of Czech politician Karel Schwarzenberg.

This was stated by Kostenko’s lawyer Dmitry Sotnikov.

“In the case of access he was promised to be refused in UDO (release on parole — ed.) and other problems. They did not clarify what kind of problems,” said the lawyer.

However, according to Kostenko the Advisor to the Ambassador of Ukraine in Russia Gennady Breskalenko has the latest information about his health. The prisoner is authorized to provide any human rights defenders, including foreign ones, with this information.

The Crimean Euromaydan activist Alexander Kostenko was convicted in Simferopol after the Russian annexation of the peninsula and then charged with four years of imprisonment. He was found guilty of bodily harm infliction to an officer of the “Berkut” Special Division in Kiev in 2014 as well as weapon possession.

Kostenko was in the pre-trial detention center of Simferopol prior to the court judgment, and then was transferred to the Kirovo-Chepetsk prison camp in Kirov region, Russia.

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