Crimean activist is fined for a post made 6 years ago in Facebook


The Simferopol court fined activist Alexei Shestakovich to 1000 rubles (15 US dollars) for “extremist materials fabrication and distribution”.

As reported by the Crimean human rights group, the reason for the fine was a movie titled “The last video footage of the guys from the Primorsky partisans” posted by Shestakovich in social networks in 2010. This movie is recognized extremist in the Russian Federation.

The administrative case was initiated by the police officers who held the detention of Shestakovich near his home on September 17. Three protocols on extremism, administrative detention and search were drawn up against the activist.

Shestakovich called himself “a citizen of the world” answering the judge’s question about his citizenship at trial. The Crimean has only the Ukrainian passport but not the Russian one.

Lawyer Alexander Popkov said that the case was politically motivated, because Shestakovich had held rallies in solidarity with the political prisoners of the Russian Federation, including Crimean Olexandr Kolchenko.

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