Crimea is expecting another “business delegation”— this time from Greece


“Vice Premier” of the Crimean Government Georgi Muradov said that the delegation of businessmen from Greece was being expected to visit Crimea early this week.

“We will receive a delegation of Greek businessmen on Monday-Tuesday,” said Muradov.

In addition, he said about an agreement to receive in Crimea a delegation from Bahrain reached during the recent visit of a Crimean delegation in this country. “The Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry already forms a group of Bahraini businessmen, which will visit Crimea next year too. Crimea conducts a very active international foreign trade activity,” added Muradov.

As it was reported a delegation of Turkish politicians and deputies of the ruling Justice and Development Party had arrived in Crimea on November 23. Later the Turkish Foreign Ministry stated that the visit was not official.

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