Crimea is badly reported on by Russian tourists

russian tourists

Many tourists visited the Crimean peninsula are not pleased with their Crimean vacations: more than 31% complain of high costs.

Experts of the Smimonitor (media monitoring) company have come to these conclusions after reviewing publications, statistics of search requests and responses about domestic tourism in Russia.

According to the experts, Crimea lost 34% of interest. “Perhaps part of Russians decided to change direction and spend vacations in the Krasnodar Krai this year: there is a growth of 32% here,” they note.

Crimea still remains in the principal focus of Russian media as a vacation destination: every fourth material about vacations mentions the peninsula.

But Crimea remains the leader of unpopularity: practically every third respondent finds the costs in Crimea extremely high. Poor service is the second major problem. Difficulties with public transportation have not practically negative influence on travelers. Only 9% of them have mentioned this problem.


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