Crimea is awash with Putin’s portraits shocking Russians

The billboard with a picture of Putin in Crimea

Hundreds of billboards with a picture of the Russian President Vladimir Putin and his quotes on Crimea appeared along the Crimean roads a few weeks ago.

An “Echo of Moscow” blogger Alexander Gorny expressed his perplexity about the feasibility of costs of that advertisement.

“Have we already started the presidential election or is Putin’s rating falling in Crimea? Why? Honestly, I do not understand,” questioned Gorny.

He suggested that the boards were installed by “saboteurs” to cut Putin’s rating in Crimea.

Also Gorny is intrigued at whose expense the President’s “advertising campaign” in Crimea is carried out. “Who has paid for and how much does it cost? How many pensions could be indexed? And Dmitry Anatolyevich (Medvedev, Russian Prime Minister — ed.) says that there is no money. And did you try to search?” asked Gorny.

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