Crimea is against Halloween


Today the so-called “citizen militia” of Crimea (an illegal armed formation controlled by the local “authorities” — ed.) intends to augment patrols on the streets of Simferopol due to the All Hallows’ Eve.

The so-called “militiamen” believe that the holiday must be banned. The “citizen militia” proposed the “Parliament” of Crimea to officially ban the possible celebration of Halloween in 2015. Deputies did not respond to.

“There was no reaction because Halloween is an informal holiday. It is celebrated at the mundane level. And, of course, it is celebrated by people who are liberal and with pro-Western views. We have a negative attitude to such elements of Western propaganda, but we cannot fight with it using clumsy methods: we need to create our own holidays, with positive images,” was reported by the press-service of the “militia”.

The other day Crimean “Premier” Sergey Aksenov traditionally spoke negatively about the holiday and called Halloween “domestic Satanism”.


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