Crimea cannot use the gas production equipment stolen from Ukraine

Black Sea shelf

Chairman of the Board of the Ukrainian Chornomornaftogaz Joint-Stock Company Svetlana Nezhnova says that the equipment of foreign production, owned by the Company and captured during the annexation of Crimea, is not used in full due to the lack of maintenance caused by the international sanctions.

Three Agusta helicopters, made in Italia (two of the helicopters cost from 12 million Euros), are not now used standing idle in the airport of Simferopol.

“The drilling units (manufactured in the United States and Canada) and the Agusta helicopters (Italy) need to be maintained. The vessels do not call at foreign ports because we warned ports all over the world that the company’s vessels could not be called at due to they were owned by an illegally created enterprise from the sanction list and from the occupied territory. The drilling units do not really work and the helicopters do not fly due to the sanctions,” said Nezhnova.

She also added that the Stormovoye and the Arkhangelskoye deposits were already depleted near Crimea. The invaders were able to obtain gas from the 15 wells of the Odessa deposit in 10 times less than the amount planned before the annexation of Crimea. “They have received 20-50 thousand cubic meters from those wells, although they had to receive 300-350 thousand cubic meters. As far as I know, the wells have no all the spare parts needed as well as all the drilling potential and proper maintenance to reach the planned output,” added Nezhnova.

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  1. Good then the ‘Russians’ won’t be stealing all the Crimean gas. Will they? But what would they do with it?

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