Court upheld Ukrainian activist’s detention in Crimea


Today, the 28th of February, Crimean court has left pro-Ukrainian activist Volodymyr Balukh in custody until March 4.

“Everything that happens is the pressure on me because I remain a human being in this disgusting surrounding. It’s not so hard to see my appeals and cassation complaints to be sure that I was threatened to be planted weapons and ammunition a year ago to do what has been done — to deprive me now of my livelihood, to warp my life. But it’s useless, you can deprive me of my livelihood and even life, but you are helpless to tame my unbroken spirit,” said the activist in the court.

As a reminder, the Federal Security Service (FSB) of Russia came searched the village of Serebryanka in Crimea December 8, 2016. The searches were carried out a few hours in the houses of Vladimir Balukh and his mother. The FSB’s officers allegedly found ammunition and dynamite on the roof of the activist’s house. Human rights activists believe that ammunition was planted during the search with the aim of falsifying a criminal case against the activist, who does not hide his pro Ukrainian position.

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