Court upheld the fine for Aeroflot for flights to Crimea


The Supreme Administrative Court of Ukraine upheld the imposition of more than 7.7 million hryvnias (about 305 thousand US dollars) of fines for the Russian airline Aeroflot for flights to Crimea.

According to the press-service of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, the Supreme Administrative Court upheld previous decisions and, accordingly, legality of actions of the State Aviation Administration of Ukraine.

Earlier the Administration drew up 57 protocols on offense in the civil aviation sector, which resulted to impose over 7.7 million UAH of fines in total.

Aeroflot appealed these protocols in several judicial procedures, however, the courts of first and appellate instance denied.

The reason for the fines was that Aeroflot, contrary to the State Aviation Administration of Ukraine prohibition to use the state airspace, performed flights to the annexed Crimea.

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