Court authorized to detain the Director of “Massandra” wined Putin and Berlusconi with vintage brands

Putin in "Massandra" Putin in "Massandra"

The Press-Service of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine has reported that Kiev Court permit for detention of the Director-General of the Crimean winemaking enterprise “Massandra” Ioannina Pavlenko.

Currently, the Prosecutor is leading the investigation into the waste of a bottle of the unique collection wine of Jerez de la Frontera crop 1775 priced at about 100 thousand USD from the Collection Fund of “Massandra”, which was the national property of Ukraine and had historical, scientific and practical value.

The Prosecutor’s Office recalled that Pavlenko uncorked the 240-year-old bottle of collection wine for the President Vladimir Putin and the former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi during their visits to “Massandra” in September 2015. There remained five such bottles in the collection only.

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