Chinese equipment caused communication problems in Crimea

mobile communications

Minister of information and communication of Crimea Dmitry Polonsky announced Crimea’s forced refusal of the European communication equipment in favor of the Chinese one due to the sanctions.

“We made a forced decision to replace our systems by equipment of Crimea and the Russian Federation friendly manufacturers. Generally these are the Chinese ones, in particular, Huawei,” said Polonsky at a meeting of the regional government.

According to him, the Ukrainian legacy of Crimean mobile operators was the equipment produced by the European companies Alcatel and Ericsson. So this equipment is not maintained now due to the sanctions. “We have no access to software, new equipment, upgrades and licenses. We are not simply denied but we are not even replied to,” said Polonsky.

According to him, the mobile covering problem on the peninsula is largely linked to the incompatibility of equipment from different manufacturers. Full replacement by the equipment made in China will allow solving the problem. So, more 25 sets of Huawei equipment are expected to arrive on June12-13.

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