Chinese cable-laying machine crashed installing “Energy Bridge” to Crimea

Chinese cable-laying vessel Jiangong-1, installing the “energy bridge” from Kuban to Crimea, is out of order.

According to an informed source one of the auxiliary engines of the ship has failed to function and the ship is trailed behind a barge.

There is no time to repair the ship so the “energy bridge” builders decided to use the Chinese cable layer together with a tug, which replaces the missing engine.

This is the third line of the “energy bridge” to be installed across the Kerch Strait. All the work is promised to be completed by the end of April.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the new line of the energy bridge in Crimea could be put into operation before May1. It is expected that the annexed peninsula will get four lines with a capacity of 200 Mw each. Supposedly it will completely meet the electricity deficit after supplies reduction from the territory of Ukraine. Only two of them are commissioned at the moment.

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