Canada imposes sanctions against the 15 Russians accessory to the elections in Crimea

Canada has imposed sanctions against 15 people, including the six members of the State Duma of Russia, elected in the annexed Crimea.

Canada’s Foreign Ministry says that the sanctions are needed to put pressure on Russia, and they will continue until “Moscow complies with its international obligations in respect of Ukraine”.

In its turn, Russia’s Embassy in Canada expresses disappointment due to the expansion of Canada’s sanctions and promises to respond “on the basis of reciprocity”.

The Embassy states that, acting this way Canada “plays itself into a vicious circle of confrontation with Russia”.

“This will certainly have an adverse impact on the entire range of Russian-Canadian relations that have just started repairing. The Russian side will take note of this unfriendly step and will react on the basis of reciprocity,” said the statement.

As reported, the European Union decided to impose sanctions against the six deputies of the State Duma, elected in Crimea.

Six deputies from the State Duma of Russia from the annexed Crimea are included in the United States sanction list too.

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