Businessmen from India believe that the sanctions against Crimea will be lifted in 3-5 years


Representatives of Indian businesses declare determination to invest in development of tourism infrastructure of Crimea, disregarding the sanctions against the region.

They told reporters about this at the Opened Crimea Forum held in Yalta.

“The Indian business community is very interested in investing in Crimea. The special conditions and advantages offered within the existing free economic zone are interesting to everyone,” says Indian businessman Paresh Navani.

In his turn entrepreneur Yashik Aggarwal assured that not all Indian investors were afraid to come to Crimea due to the sanctions. “We are businessmen, and we are not afraid of sanctions. I think the cancellation is a matter of three to five years. For example, the United States refused the current Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi’s American visa in 2003. Not so long ago President Obama invited him to the United States and personally came to meet Modi at the aircraft. Everything changes, and this situation will change with the sanctions,” convinced Aggarwal.

And Navani added that today there were changes in Europe, indicating that the sanctions would be lifted after a certain period of time.

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